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€3.50EUR /Monthly
If you want to offer Backup Services Ftp Server this is the indispensable tool!

FTP Accounts Backup Mod

€2.00EUR /Monthly
This mod is used to create multilingual signature to support tickets.

Support Ticket Signature Mod

€2.00EUR /Monthly
With this mod we can check the Uptime to all the IP and Domain we want.

Monitoring Protocols

€0.50EUR /Monthly
Additional reminders to the user and the administrator when a service ends.

Advanced Invoice Reminder

€4.00EUR /Monthly
Τhis Mod allows your customers to be able on their own to change the billing cycle and can still issue an invoice for payment.

Billing Cycle Update

€5.00EUR /Monthly
Is an addon with many features suitable for the cancellation of many services.

Cancel Service

€1.00EUR /Monthly
Put the value on a new product in Pricing only once and check the rest to be calculated and entered automatically.

Bulk Price Manager

€0.50EUR /Monthly
This is a section that will allow you to see the downloads from your users.

Downloads Log

€1.00EUR /Monthly
With Revenue & Expenses Mod you can easily check the income and expenses of your business.

Revenue Expenses

€1.00EUR /Monthly
An advanced ticket escalation module for WHMCS

Advanced Ticket Escalation