In TopWebHost offer four options to pay the activation and renewal of your services. Look at each of these in detail and select the one that interests you.

Payment Methods

The available payment methods you accept the TopWebHost is:

1. Bank Transfer

In this case, after you place your order you must deposit to our bank account the proportional amount so as to activate the service that you have ordered. Payment must be made within 2 days (48 hours) otherwise your order will be cancelled. Then you must send proof of your deposit via e-mail, in indicating the number of the invoice of the transaction.

The details of our bank accounts listed on the invoice.

2. Payment by Credit Card

Payment by using your credit card (Mastercard, Visa) online is so easy, quick and safe as when you use it for your purchases.

We work with one of the most reputable companies card acceptance myPOS.

3. Payment via Paypal

PayPal is a service that provides security to our online shopping and money transfers generally. Basically it is an online account that we deposit money and use it for our online trading. For each then our market instead of importing the data of our bank account, we import the Paypal account details. This ensures that sends decrypted our information on the websites that we want to send money. With Paypal ensure that it will not fall victims of theft and avoid the use of the data of our bank account is risky and precarious.

4. Payment via purchase Credits

The credits are credits you buy from us (Every 1 credit corresponds to 1 €) to one of the previous payment methods (Paypal, Credit Card and Bank Transfer) to carry out your orders. The units you buy are added to your account and deducted every time you make a purchase and EUR which corresponds is the same as what you paid to buy them. So you can make multiple and automatic online shopping without moving any of the preceding procedures for each of your market while not losing money on commissions, quotas, etc.