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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Strategic piece of effective promotion of a website on the internet, is the correct presentation in terms of design, functionality and competition, whether it’s a personal or a corporate website.
But the presence of your website should not be static.
Ok,you madeit exactly as imagined and actually performs, but after 1 year what?
Technology is constantly advancing and it is important to follow, because as the owner of a website have dedicated time and resources to obtain it ..
Therefore, the second part of the strategic promotion of your site is the maintenance or redesign.
And this is certainly something that has troubled you, since you want to keep or increase your customers or visitors.
Perhaps some may not have the time to maintain their own site, might want a redesign and do not know how or simply want a technical support.
Here’s where we take over.
We undertake the maintenance or redesign of your website in order to ensure a perfect result for you, aiming to better functionality, to modern yet convenient for the user design and the highest ranking in the search engines over time.

Our first goal is to be satisfied with the result.
Contact us to discuss how we can preserve or to redesign your website, tell us your views so we can recommend the most suitable and cost effective solutions.


Maintenance package for corporate or personal website

The package includes adding articles or images in gallery, add menus, configuration control and adding applications to improve functionality.
Delivery time depends on the size of material which are delivered by you.
Including technical support.

Maintenance package for eshop

The package includes the addition of products, photos or articles, changes in menu, control settings and installing applications if necessary for the better functioning of your eshop.
Delivery time depends on the size of material which are delivered by you.
Including technical support.

Upgrade package for corporate, personal webiste and eshop

The package includes the upgrading of the application whether Joomla (2.5 to the new version of 3x.), or wordpress.
As we well as the material transfer (articles, menus, icons, users), re-setting of the site, upgrade of components and extensions *, and  template (if it is compatible to the new version). **
If you have an eshop,the  package includes the upgrade of  virtuemart application.
Including technical support.

* If applications, extensions and plugins are commercial, will be charged with the cost for the new version.
** If the template is not compatible, we install, design and configuration  the new template.

The cost depends on the complexity of the design.