TopWebHost provides its clients worldwide Web Hosting, and has a responsibility to protect each client and provide the best services available . All customers of TopWebHost subject to the following terms of service . Please read and visit our pages ,only if fully agree with them.TopWebHost has the right to modify or discontinue temporarily or permanently parts or all of its services with or without notice to users or members .


This website is an official online shop of the company. The entire content of the website, services and products are the intellectual property of the company and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.
Any copying, distribution, transmission, transformation, after-sale, creation of derivative work or misleading the public about the actual provider of the content of the website. Any reproduction, republication, uploading, posting, or transmission or any other use of the content by any means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with prior written permission of the company or any other copyright holder. The names, images, logos and trademarks represent the Company or third parties and their products or services are proprietary marks of the company or third parties protected by the trademark laws. Their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or license or right to use them.

Money Back Guarantee

The Company hosting packages accompanied by a money back guarantee 60 days from the date of the hosting account. If the customer is not satisfied with the level of hosting services (web hosting) the Company may within 60 days from the beginning of his account to request the cancellation of this agreement, otherwise implicitly endorses the continuation of service and waives its right for reimbursement of money. In case of cancellation within 60 days, returned to the customer how the assistance. If the amount of assistance included additional costs (domain name market, SSL market, market dedicated IP, third or bank commission fees or credit card, installation costs, additional services) the amount of the contribution is returned to the Customer after deducted these costs. No refund is not made after the 60th day of the subscription. The above guarantee covers only the Shared rental Hosting packages and not all of the services provided by the Company, such as Dedicated Server, Resellers Hosting etc. For the Dedicated Server and the corresponding addons no refund is provided. Only account new eligible compensation. For example, if the customer has an account with the company, set aside and created a new, not entitled to compensation for the latter’s account. To be considered valid, the application account cancellation request must be sent via the entry forms on the package management page. any violation of this term considered likely to result in failure to repay any amount to the Customer.

Regulation on Management and Assignment of domains names ending on ‘.gr

The customer / user and / or future owner of domain names should read, understand and agree to the Regulation on Management and Assignment of domains names ending on ‘.gr and all amendments. Especially should read Article 5 of the Regulation referred to the reasons for rejecting an application for registration domain name. In the page of EETT there all the regulatory texts and any amendments. The visitor or the user is responsible for his equipment allows him to visit the pages of TopWebHost and is responsible for the relevant fees that may be required to have such access (eg cost of providing network connectivity, charging time, etc. ).

TopWebHost has no responsibility for the communication of users or members with third party service providers that may be advertised on its website and for any commercial transaction that may arise between them. Information provided on the website of TopWebHost. Guests have the responsibility to cross-check the information provided.

User Responsibility

Users agree not to use the benefits of TopWebHost for:

1. Publication, send an e-mail or otherwise transmit any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, violates the privacy of another, shows empathy or expresses racial, ethnic or other discrimination

2. Damage to minors in any way

3. Contents for adults – porn, gambling and anything opposed to Greek law.

4. Send – to send bulk e-mail in order promotional purposes without the consent of the recipient.

5. Upload, post, send an e-mail or otherwise transmit any content for which you have no right to transmit under law or contractual relations or management (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part labor relations or covered by confidentiality agreements)

6. Publication, send an e-mail or otherwise transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of others.

7. Publication, send an e-mail or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destruction or equipment in any software or hardware . Wilful or unintentional violation of applicable law or provisions.

8. Harassment of third parties in any way.

9. Collect or store personal data about other users.

10. Trafficking in pirated software, MP3 and movies.

11. Forum with links to content for which you have no right to transmit under law or contractual relations or management.

12. Bulk emails for advertising purposes – Spam Mails.

Sending bulk emails for commercial purposes with the aim of advertising is prohibited by Greek law. Theoretically sending massive emails for commercial reasons (for the purpose of advertising) allowed only if there is consent of the recipient to receive emails from the specific email address.

If we do not meet the above and take notice from the data center for sending spam mail, the hosting account terminated without any notice.

Use of resources

The customer agrees that it intends to make reasonable use of TopWebHost server resources hosted, not intended all the server’s resources for its own use and recognizes that shared resources server with other users.

The limit on the use of computing power (CPU) and server memory set to 10% of total resources the server. If the running processes in the customer’s hosting account exceeds a consistent basis the consumption of 10% of the total resources of the server, the client is informed to terminate these processes.

In case specific processes are causing or may cause problem to the smooth operation of the server and at the expense of other clients, TopWebHost reserves the right to terminate the process without first informing the customer or even to disable the guest account if necessary.

The available server resources intended exclusively for use within the hosting accounts of TopWebHost’s customers.

The allocation of resources is forbidden in any way to sites of third parties in any form, including but not limited to pumping graphics or texts of sites third material located on its server TopWebHost, carrying banner exchange programs etc.

Expressly prohibited the use of irc bot and chatrooms, because of the excessive burden caused by these applications to servers.

Additional Conditions for Dedicated & Vps Servers

The Company reserves the right to reset the password to a Dedicated the Vps Server, if the code that we are not informed, so that it can carry out all the necessary security checks, as required by the Datacenter . It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that we have given a valid Email address and root password on Dedicated Server, to avoid any interruption of availability of Server (Downtime) from the codes reset requests. The Company reserves the right to monitor their Servers according to specific requirements and performs various administrative operations, at the request of the Datacenter. For Dedicated & Vps Servers not maintain backup supported (Backup) from us, but it is the responsibility of the customer itself. The client can obtain an extra hard disk (Backup) and writing the backups there, as the simplest solution. Please contact the Sales Department at if you wish to obtain an additional hard drive (Backup). In case of late payment of renewal subscription Dedicated Server, the Server canceled the same day of the expiry of the subscription. The data is stored on Server are deleted, and the Server is set available for rent from another client. In the event that payment of the Server subscription renewal occurs after the end, and if possible reactivation, no charge reactivation Server.

Denial of Service

TopWebHost has the right to refuse or cancel service. Violation of rules and regulations of TopWebHost leads to a warning, suspension or even possible cancellation. The accounts which will be deleted due to a violation of TopWebHost’s policy ,will not be compensated.

Above the monthly movement of data volumes there is a mandatory fee for each additional MByte according to the then current list price of TopWebHost.

Monthly traffic received all the data (such as eg. Move pages, FTP traffic, traffic e-Mail, etc.) to and from your account (ie. The disk space that your host).

Disclaimer – Guarantee – Compensation

The Company made significant efforts to ensure the website to include accurate and up to date information. However, no representation as to the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the content published and therefore does not carry any kind responsibility.

The Customer agrees to defend against any court, will ensure you keep away from any danger, all claims , losses, financial claims and liabilities, the Company and will cover against any financial costs including attorneys’ fees, also will cover any matter or claim that damage or injury or any other reason raises o himself or any third party against the Company or the Customer by the activities and services or other acts of Customer or contents and information initiated by the server of the Company or due to a malfunction of any of our server, with or without the consent of the customer or partner with that person.

In addition, the Customer expressly declares and commits by this that in case brought against the Company any action, claim, or other judicial or administrative process claim and arises from the failure by the any kind of third party rights, obliged both intervene in judicial or administrative proceedings and other fully indemnify the Company, in the event that the latter were forced to pay compensation or any other cost.

WHMCS Addons & Modules

Products provided by, and are not sold. The TopWebHost reserves all rights not expressly granted in and to you, the TopWebHost retains ownership of the goods.

License transfer policy

Licence holders are not permitted to ‘ lend ‘ or ‘ sell ‘ to third parties except in the case of transfers of empty, as described below. Any licenses found to be used without the following way will be revoked immediately.
Before any sale or transfer, please contact us via support request, and we will write your name, e-mail address and details of the new owner for the transfer of the licence. All transfers are final and cannot be reversed.

Cancellation Policy & Return

Refunds are made only for products not working properly. Returns are not accepted when there is lack of features on your server does not meet the requirements. Refunds are determined by our technical staff, when it determined that the product has a problem so they do not run on your server. Setup fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
Due to the nature of the products (digital products) we are unable to provide refunds under any circumstances. This become because once you download will have access to the files.
Any complaint will attempt to do so through PayPal will be strongly supported by us in connection with these terms and conditions of sale.
You should make sure that you have fully read our terms, as well as the site of the description of any product you buy, as no refund will be available unless the product you purchased is significantly different from what was described by us on this website.

Subscribers of the Company’s services should have reached 18 years of age.

Making your first access to your account, or transferring files to it, you confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


With appreciation