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Web TV Streaming

Web Tv Streaming

Professional Web Tv Streaming, without interruption.

At TopWebHost we do not overload our Servers, which as a result is the most common cause of interruptions in the broadcast stream.

With the use of a powerful panel and with superior technology Servers you have seamless transmission, without interruption in your Video Streaming!

The control panel is a 100% standalone video streaming control panel. Schedule and Live Video, Live Events and Live Events, Live TV Using the Easy Web Video Table Setup.

We guarantee you a professional and quality service!

Web Tv Packages









Web Tv Small


The Month

Listeners: 100

Quality: 4096 Kbps

Auto Dj: 100 GB

Traffic: Unlimited

Realtime Statistics

24/7 Customer Support

Web Tv Medium


The Month

Listeners: 200

Quality: 4096 Kbps

Auto Dj: 200 GB

Traffic: Unlimited

Realtime Statistics

24/7 Customer Support

Web Tv Large


The Month

Listeners: 300

Quality: 4096 Kbps

Auto Dj: 300 GB

Traffic: Unlimited

Realtime Statistics

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Web Tv XLarge


The Month

Listeners: 1000

Quality : 4096 Kbps

Auto Dj: 500 GB

Traffic: Unlimited

Realtime Statistics

24/7 Customer Support

Reliable Web Tv Hosting

Our unique solutions and know-how guarantee you a superior experience.

Get Your Own Web Tv In Minutes.

By paying for your package, you activate your account immediately, and you can immediately proceed with the creation of your website and Web Tv.

Choose the package that suits you and you are ready to get started.

We provide fast and reliable Web Hosting with servers located in the best European Datacenters, (Germany. France and England) in a space with limited access (biometric security systems) and constant temperature.

Carefully optimized hosting services, with emphasis on high uptime, speed, security and stability.

In case of power failure, there are large UPS units that maintain the power supply for the smooth operation of Web hosting.

For the network (Routers, Firewall …) uses equipment of Cisco, while in each pair Managed Rack switches used for 100% availability.

All our Servers do automatically, daily, weekly and monthly Backup to the capability of your data recovery when you need them for any reason.

Secured performance and performance under powerful servers that can offer you many features with minimal money. Dedicated exclusive resources and guaranteed performance.

The best and fastest servers in European datacenters without network availability problems with the reliability and guarantee of TopWebHost.

You choose the package that suits you. Place an order to obtain the package you want.

After your order is executed, you will receive the email to activate your package with all the necessary information and data you need to get started. You will have your own panel at your disposal. You thus gain flexibility, autonomy and independence!

Web Tv Hosting

A new dimension in the field of Video Streaming is coming to give special interest, imaginative new ideas and development prospects, especially those who are already involved in radio. The renewed service that we offer you presents several special features and an attractive price that make it unique in the whole internet space. Is adressed to:

  • A) Radio stations that want to make live TV shows on camera, show movies, concerts, TV broadcasts from other channels and play their favorite video clips.
  • Β) DJs who want to install a live camera in their studio, so that the listeners can watch.
  • Γ) Professionals, individuals and security companies who want to install surveillance cameras or stream TV from one location to another, via the Internet (with password-listening capability).

Includes an updated Script to monitor the proper operation of the TV stream transmitted to the dedicated server.

What you can do with Web TV;

  • Live broadcast from camera or other source from PC
  • Broadcast a TV signal from another source
  • Send files from your computer

Here you are in good hands!

All our packages include


Last Generation


DDR3 Ram


High Efficiency




Premium Support


Uptime Guarantee


Upgrade / Downgrade




Contract Commitment