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What is a name server?

The name server is a domain name setting, which defines the dns server that will serve its functions, eg web, email.
When you type e.g. topwebhost. gr in your browser, the computer ‘searches’ a DNS server to find the relevant IP address where the TopWebHost site is located. When it finds this Ip then sends your browser to the right site.

What is an authorization code/password?

A domain name authorization code/password is a string of characters which enables identification of the Owner of a Name and access to the name’s administrative management. it can be requested through Pointer’s administration control panel and it is different from the user name and password you have registered with our site.

I have forgotten my TopWebHost control panel password

You will have to click on ‘Remind password’ on the top right hand Login field of our site and the login details (username and password) will be sent to your registered email. There is also the possibility to be reminded of your password even if you cannot remember your Username either.

I want information about a Name that is already assigned

You can find the information available for each assigned Domain Name through it https://topwebhost.gr/cp/index.php?m=whois.
In gr domain name there is hiding owner information anyway. In eu doamin name the owner appears in whois searches. In the rest of the endings the owner’s information is shown, unless he has enabled hide items (whois privacy, ή id shield).

Is the assignment of Domain Names [.gr] to foreign natural or legal persons allowed?

There is no nationality restriction on the registration of a .gr domain name.

How many characters can a Name have?

A domain name can in most cases consist of three to 63 characters. In some cases, depending on the respective registry, a domain name may have two characters. At this time, for example, you can also register a .gr domain name with two characters.

I registered a domain name. What am I doing now?

Name assignment is independent of website creation and hosting services.
After registering a domain name, in order to ‘upload’ a website, you will also need to obtain a hosting package
After purchasing a hosting package we will send you codes through which you will be able to upload your website. If you have not built the site yet, you can contact us to make you an offer to create a website.

Can I register a domain with Greek characters?

For domains with .gr and .eu suffixes, domain registrations with Greek characters, eg topwebhostr.gr and topwebhost.eu, are done immediately and the process is the same as other domains.

What is a domain name?

The name we choose to connect to a computer on the Internet is called a domain name. This name always has a suffix that characterizes the “area” or category to which it belongs.
Thus, for the namespace ending in [. GR], a domain name will have the form onoma. gr and we visit the pages that correspond to it by writing in a browser an address of the form https://www.onoma.gr.


Rejection of application. What happens then? When does it happen?

Rejecting a domain name application only applies to the registry .gr.
A domain. gr, can only be rejected in the event of a similar decision by EETT and is now only valid for the second level domain name, πχ.gov.gr.
In any case, you are informed by email from the register of names.

How many domains can I get?

A natural or legal person can register an unlimited domain name.

How much does a domain cost?

Price list for our domain names, you can find HERE.
Keeping in mind the competition we try to keep prices as low as possible.
In most endings, our prices are the lowest in the Greek market.

I applied for a domain name. When will my site work?

To update Internet providers with the new name server of your domain name, it takes from 4 to 24-hou.

Tips for getting a suitable domain name

-Be small-Large domains are hard to remember.
-Geographical-If your business operates abroad, then it would be good to buy a domain with an extension other than .gr
-Make it light. A domain name should not be a language binde.
-Buy the alternative variants of a domain. If e.g. You have insport.gr, how would you feel if someone took insports.gr and created a competitive site?
-Buy alternative suffixes
– Protect your brand by securing your domain with different extensions.

What is a registrar?

A natural or legal person who receives the license to be able to assign domain names is called a Registrar
TopWebHost.gr according to the approval of Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ. (National Telecommunications and Post Commission), is an approved registrar (Αρ.Πρ. 1961/03-12-2020).

What is the Registry?

Name Registry is the Database that includes the set of assigned Gift Names of some extension.
For example, for gr domain names, the register is Gr-registy, for eu domain names the register is Eurid etc.

My domain name has expired. How can I renew it?

The . gr domains can be renewed up to 15 days after their normal expiration date. If you know the domain authorization code, you can renew your domain even if it was in another registrar.
The . eu domains can be renewed up to 15 days after their normal expiry date with additional reactivation costs.
The .com, net, org etc domains, after their expiration can be renewed for a period of 30 days after their normal expiration date without extra reactivation costs. After this period the domain goes into Redemption period for another 30 days. The cost of domain renewal that is in the Redemption period, is 230 euros plus VAT and concerns the renewal of the domain for one year. If this period (Redemption) passes then the domain goes into deletion mode which lasts five days and during which it can not be renewed. After the end of 5 days, the domain is released.

I applied for a domain online. How long will it be activated?

If you have chosen the credit card, Paypal, as your payment method, then your domain is activated immediately. In case you have chosen to deposit in a bank account, then:
-For .gr domains, activation is done immediately. In case the order is not paid within five days, the domain is revoked.
-In domain names with other suffixes, domains are activated after depositing money in one of our bank accounts.