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Service Personal Data Protection

Service Personal Data Protection

What gives the ID Protect service?

ID Protect To hides your personal data from the WHOIS searches carried out by third parties for the domain name that you have registered. Thereby ensure their protection from potentially malicious use.

How to activate the ID Protect service?

You can activate the service through the administration interface by clicking on the Activation link for the domain name you are interested in. The only condition is the domain name you have registered or have been moved to TopWebHost.

Duration and cost of the service

The service can be activated for a period of 1-10 years for each domain name and the service cost is € 6,00/year.
Which endings do I activate ID Protect service?
Service is optional and provides subscription. Can be activated for the following Tld: .COM / .NET. / .ORG / .INFO. Domain names and Tld .GR & .EU, subject to a different privacy policy and does not require activation of the service.
H activation of the service ID Protect is not necessary for domain names in Tld .gr, including personal data of the owner are protected by Greek legislation and their appearance is not allowed to WHOIS searches.
In domain names ending in .eu, the WHOIS search will return results only if completed field “Distinctive Company Title” the relevant information during the vesting process. To hide your information, so long as you leave this field blank.

Where in ensuring filled field with individual items, you can send the corresponding ID recorded request for hiding data in WHOIS searches. The mission should be from the email of the owner of the domain name in domain@topwebhost.gr. Our technical department will conduct followed all necessary procedures.

In case of a legal person, should be done transfer of the name to a natural person with the relevant fee to be able to perform the concealment of data.